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  1. +your choice of shampoo many varieties and scents to choose from

  2. +conditioner

+ warm water

+ commercial-grade sprayers

+ professional forced air dryers

+ waist-high tubs and restraints

+ ample "dog parking" for more than one pet

+ slicker brush, pin brush, rubber curry brush

+ easy-access ramps

+ "chamois" style towels

+ terry cloth towels

+ non-slip rubber flooring and grooming tables

  1. +ear wipes

+ nail trimmers

+ water resistant aprons



165 Main St (rte109)

Medway Ma.

Medway Dog Wash

Self Serve Dog Wash

What is a self-service dog wash?

The Medway Dog Wash self service dog wash offers you facilities to wash and groom your dog, while keeping prices down.

As a dog owner you know what a hassle keeping your dog clean can be. When it’s warm enough outside you can chase your dog around outside with the hose, making mud puddles and not really accomplishing much. Or you can bath your dog in your bathtub, creating a giant wet hairy mess of your entire bathroom soaking yourself and lots of towels in the process.

Or you can take him to the groomer requiring two trips, a long stressful wait inside a cage, and not to mention a pretty good dent in your wallet.

That’s where we come in. At the Medway  Dog Wash we provide you with waist high state-of-the-art tubs designed for washing dogs. They have built in ramps to get larger dogs in and slip free bottoms so the dog feels secure. The heavy duty water sprayers are pre-set at a comfortable safe temperature. We have aprons -adult and child size.

We provide a variety of shampoos to fit your needs as well as a coat conditioner. When you are done bathing the dog you use our high powered blowers to dry the dog along with super absorbent chamois and towels-leaving the mess in the tub for our attendant to clean up. (All of the tubs are cleaned and disinfected between customers.)

So why do-it-yourself?


Less stressful (on you and the dog!)

It’s fun!!


+ no aching backs/knees

+ no wet mess to clean

+ no clogged drains at home

+ no pick-up/drop-off needed

+ no crate stress for your pet

  1. +no appointments needed

  2. +it costs less than half what most groomers charge